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Grant Application Template

Short biography is looking for evidence of accomplishment.  This can be academic credentials, awards, work experience, and/or hobbies.

Description of the project 

What will your project produce

      What output will be placed on the web that your project will create.

Timeline, schedule, deliverables

     Describe a detailed schedule and description of the deliverables.  The is looking to see evidence that your project proposal is well developed.  

Include other resources needed for success

     Please list any resources required for your project to be successful.

Anything else that should be considered to accept your application


   Since each project is unique, please include anything else the would be relavent.

Send your grant application to  Finalists will be notified to

place their porposal on a google doc share.  Reviewers and applicant will comment on the application in a brainstorming done over a week checking into the share doc at least every other day.  The applicant will then be interviewed by video chat.  A decision to accept or reject a proposal will be given in a few days.

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