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Fortune favors the prepared mind. -- Louis Pasteur

Accepting applications now! Next Grant Awards End of September 2022

Last Updated: May 6, 2021

Email your application to  now!

The Prepared Mind Grant

The will give out grants of $6000 to invest in the success of  3 creative individuals.  The grant period will be 6 months.  Applicants must submit a proposal describing their project.  Here is a list of some projects we would support.


  • Anything in the arts to perform or exhibit your talent

  • Software design

  • Start a web based business

  • Writing, poetry, blog, vlog

  • Building a community around service to the underserved

  • Starting a nonprofit

  • Photography, film


Of course this is not a comprehensive list.  So if you have a creative idea for a project not on the list, please apply and surprise us.


If you are interested click on More Info below.  If you wish to apply read Grant Evaluation Criteria and apply using the Grant Application Template.


View projects of current recipients!  Coming soon!

Congratulations to our second grant recipient and an example of an excellent grant proposal:

Come in and pull up a music stand in Eric’s “practice room.” This is a place for students who otherwise lack the resources for individual instruction. Topics include how to produce better sound quality and tone, at home practice strategies, budget friendly equipment, and more.   

See first video, click here.


The Prepared Mind will keep notes, reviews and tutorials about our journey to develop a presence on the web.  These notes will be shared with recipients of the grants and is freely offered to the general public.


Thanks for submitting!



Hi I am Paul, a retired electrical engineer.  I have worked for Fortune 500 companies and have traveled the world.  A couple of decades ago I built a computer model of my retirment savings plan, my retirement budget and cashflow for a life that will last until I am 100 years old.  I have more than exceeded my financial retirement needs and would like to find a way to give back to our community.

I have been fortunate to have had a career that I loved and that paid well. Like most successful people having such a career it is a result of hard work and a bit of luck. Hard work allows for the recognition of opportunity luck provides. “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur (also the evil scientist in the film Under Siege 2, who did not give Louis an attribution). I would like to give funds and technical support to individuals who love what they do but have not yet found a way to generate a sustainable income and/or an audience for their passion. It is my hope that I can provide some luck that hard work turns into opportunity.

See the following by Veritasium 

Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

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